The Wild Robot

“ 'We're a strange family,' said Brightbill, with a little smile. 'But I kind of like it that way.'

'Me too,' said Roz.” – Peter Brown




In This Kit You’ll Find:

  • 7 copies of The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
  • 2 copies of Because of an Acorn by Lola Schaefer
  • 2 copies of Up The Creek by Nicholas Oldland
  • 1 copy of The Brave Little Toaster DVD
  • 1 copy of the discussion questions (you may keep)
  • Book sign-up sheet to keep track of books (you may keep)
  • "Split Pin Roz" Worksheets (you may keep)
  • Tree Life Cycle Worksheets (you may keep)

Themes for Discussion:

  • The Wild Robot: Survival, friendship, family, motherhood, nature vs. technology, conservation, life cycle, death, belonging, helping others, home, forgiveness
  • Up The Creek: Survival, friendship, helping others
  • Because of an Acorn: Nature, life cycle, conservation, death

About the Book:

The Wild Robot: Roz the robot discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island with no memory of where she is from or why she is there. Her only hope of survival is to try to learn about her new environment from the island's animal inhabitants. (Novelist) It teaches the lesson that kindness and community trump fear and competition.

Up the Creek: A Bear, a moose, and a beaver decide to go canoeing and have to work through many disagreements along the way.

Because of an Acorn: Explores the connections between the layers of an ecosystem, connecting every tree, plant, flower, & animal to each other in the spiraling circle of life.

You’ll Like It If You Like:

Discussions of nature and technology, stories of survival and friendship, books with a bit of artwork, books with sequels

Reading Level:

The Wild Robot: Read Together, Grades 3 - 5; Read Alone, Grades 4 - 6

Up the Creek & Because of an Acorn: Pre-school - grade 3


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Fun things To Do & Explore at Your Book Club:

  • Watch: The Brave Toaster (DVD included in kit bag). Compare the parallel theme of Nature vs. Technology in it and The Wild Robot.


  • Read: The author, Peter Brown, explains his creative process for creating The Wild Robot and shares sketches, failed ideas, & more on his website.
  • Create: For all ages, Using the worksheets included in the folder, cut out and put together Roz with any type of fasteners you have available (staples, glue, tape, cotter pins, get creative)
  • Write: In order to survive, Roz had to gain the animal's trust. Write about a time when you needed to gain someone's trust and what you did. Share your stories.


  • Because of an Acorn Readers: For all ages, Tree Life Cycle Worksheets (included in the folder), Check out this link for dozens of additional acorn craft ideas

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Kid Reviews: Let us know what you thought about The Wild Robot.

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