Love That Dog

"I don't want to
Because boys
Don't write Poetry.

Girls do."

- Sharon Creech



In This Kit You’ll Find:

  • 8 copies of Love That Dog by Sharon Creech
  • 2 copies of Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer
  • 2 copies of This is a Poem That Heals Fish by Jean-Pierre Simeon
  • 1 copy of the discussion questions (you may keep)
  • Book sign-up sheet to keep track of books (you may keep)
  • Love That Dog Shape Poem Worksheets (you may keep)
  • Daniel Finds a Poem Five Senses Observation Worksheets (you may keep)

Themes for Discussion:

  • Love That Dog: Boys & dogs, teacher-student relationships, poetry writing, writing out feelings, boy poets, diaries
  • Daniel Finds a Poem: Nature, poetry is all around us
  • This is a Poem That Heals Fish: What is a poem?



About the Book:

Love That Dog: A young student, who comes to love poetry through a personal understanding of what different famous poems mean to him, and an appearance at his school by Walter Dean Myers, surprises himself by writing his own inspired poem. (Novelist)

Daniel Finds a Poem: A little boy's animal friends help him discover the poetry to be found in nature. (Novelist)

This is a Poem That Heals: After his mother, hurrying to her tuba lesson, tells him that a poem will cure his pet fish's boredom, a little boy tries to find out what a poem is by asking friends, neighbors, and other members of his family. (Novelist)

You’ll Like It If You Like:

Novels in verse, realistic fiction, descriptive writing styles, poetry as inspiration, expression through language, exploring emotions and feelings

Reading Level:

Love That Dog: Read Together, Grades 3 - 5; Read Alone, Grades 4 - 6

Daniel Finds a Poem and This is a Poem That Heals Fish: Ages 0 - 8 years



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Fun things To Do & Explore at Your Book Club:

  • Listen: Former U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, discusses how best to read a poem out loud for maximum impact in this brief Library of Congress podcast:
  • Create: Using the worksheets included in the kit folder, create your own poem where the words make the shape of the poem's subject, also called a shape poem. Use My Yellow Dog by Jack as a possible model or write your own unique shape poem (example: butterfly shape spring poem):
  • Browse the Stacks: For ALL readers, browse the stacks of your public library or home library and create your own book spine poetry.


  • Research: Learn more about Walter Dean Myers, whose poem, Love That Boy inspired the book, Love That Dog.
  • This is a Poem That Heals Fish Readers: Enjoy watching this story board read-aloud:
  • Daniel Finds a Poem Readers: Using the Five Senses Observation Worksheets included with the kit, go on a poetry walk and create/find your own poems. ReadWriteThink offers good suggestions for your walk and here are some nature poems to read for pre-walk inspiration!

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